Baker & Brady is a small press and journal. Zizobotchi Papers is a journal dedicated to the novella.

A Conglomerate of Content Creation:

In much the same way that a theatre company can often times function as a core ensemble of actors and directors and playwrights pushing each other to build an intense and varied body of work, the philosophy here is that a group of fiction writers may have a home to experiment, but are also held accountable by their peers.

We’re interested in working with a variety of writers, but we’re mostly interested in working with writers that are drawn to the idea of being part of a collective and are open to writing often (maybe not sharing all of it in one house, we’re not practitioners of the old studio system, looking to lock the studio players in) but sharing enough that an active follower of the journal can eventually see the history of a writer and the work.


There used to be a Chicago based theatre company called Three Leaves, founded by Dan Mac Rae and Jeff Phillips. They staged some plays in a storefront theatre in Rogers Park called the Manor until it got shut down for not having a performance license. They produced such plays as MagnetsThe Drowning Exercises, and Division & Shame. And some underground bar theatre, for instance, a monologue performed by a shirtless man building a birdhouse.

Baker & Brady helped resurrect that collaboration.

Work with Us:

If you have a novella or novelette manuscript you’re interested in publishing with us, please send us a query at bakerandbrady [at] gmail dot com.


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