Zizobotchi Papers

Zizobotchi Papers is a journal dedicated to the novella.

Zizobotchi Papers: volume 2, fall, 2017:                          Order 13

Zizobotchi vol 2

Zizobotchi Papers: volume 2, fall, 2017:

Novella #1: In The Dollmaker’s Grin, an altercation changes the course of a shuttle bus driver’s life; he’s offered a chance at a new livelihood, one that’s not so easy to decline. Years later, Kurt Vine goes missing, and his pregnant wife is left looking for answers, as she’s pursued by uninvited emissaries in her home and local haunts.

Novella #2: In God’s Least Likely to Succeed, a secret agent’s first day on the job is derailed by an ancient cult’s infiltration of their operation. As he takes shelter in the woods, his grasp on reality is further challenged by psychoactive substance, cybernetic technology, and specters summoned through malevolent ceremony.

The second installment of Zizobotchi Papers presents a double feature of two new novellas, by Dan MacRae and Jeff Phillips. These stories probe the inner workings of two distinct power schemes by following the unlikely employees that must navigate them.

328 pgs / Nov 2017 / Baker & Brady


Zizobotchi Papers: volume 1, winter, 2015:                     Order 10

ZP vol 1 cover for promo2 copy

Zizobotchi Papers: volume 1, fall, 2017:

Probiotic Hot Sauce by Jeff Phillips
Sloan Doan returns to Chicago after a falling out with his family to stay with an eccentric dancer, Libby. They attend a warehouse party where a food competition reveals a cast of characters as mysterious as the place itself.

Chainsaw Guy by Daniel Gerald Mac Rae
A party escalates into bedlam for Dale, leaving him – and his Honda – vulnerable to the whims of a psychopath.

176 pgs / Jan 2015 / Baker & Brady

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